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Scott Watkins - composer: Blog


Posted on September 27, 2011 with 0 comments
WOW - the only word to accurately describe the young men and women of the Jacksonville University Orchestra. What an extraordinary pair of evenings of rehearsal and recording the musical score to JU's newest motion picture, "In One Brow of Woe."

Too many names to mention for outstanding service, but VERY SPECIAL THANKS goes to:
Dr. Marguerite Richardson (Music Director of the Orchestra), Dr. Jianjun He, Prof. Laura Dwyer, Prof. Shannon Lockwood, Prof. Sean Morgan, and Prof. Brent Bevis. Special recognition to Dr. Thomas Harrison who engineered the recording session, and assistant Christopher Davis (student).

Very special thanks to Peter Dutilly, (composition/viola performance double-major) for printing score and ALL of the musicians' parts for rehearsal and performance.

Special recognition, of course, to Dr. Carolina Conte (the picture's director) and all the cast and crew of "In One Brow of Woe."

Look for the film at Swisher Theater Nov. 4 at 7:30pm, and Nov. 5 at 3pm.

To the Orchestra: Your patience, professionalism, musicianship and artistry was nothing short of INSPIRING. Collectively you made the music come alive!