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Walking Through Fires - Spot and Drop

Posted on September 28, 2010 with 0 comments
It's the traditional end of the project event ... spot and drop. What the HELL does THAT mean? The director and composer (and music editor, music supervisor, producter, etc.) meet to figure out where EXACTLY the music should go in a picture. Since the composer's name is on the line, and audiences will detect instantly if the composer scored the film right, this is an imporant a step as the actual composition. Composition means scoring the film ... Scoring means puting the music in exactly the right place. This is a process entirely up to the composer. His idea of the music is basted entirely upon WHERE and WHEN music should occur in a motion picture and the content of that music. It's an exciting event for all involved because it represents a final piece of the motion picture puzzle.

Personally, and from a creative standpoint, there is almost nothing more invigorating than seeing one's music in a motion picture for the first time.

Walking Through Fires will get it's musical score [...]
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Script or picture?

Posted on September 28, 2010 with 0 comments
I've been engaged to compose music for the motion picture "In One Brow of Woe." It's a really interesting story of a college student discovering the depth and complexity of Shakespearan characters - and finding that same complexity in himself. It's sort of a Shakespear In Love meets a ghost. Cool concept!

I've just been handed the script and have developed a basic musical theme and jotted a couple of ideas for the picture.

Planning to attend a shooting session or two to get a "feel" for the ideas of the director, Carolina Conte. Carolina and I have collaborated on two other pictures (Hedda and Suite 228).

My plan for the current picture is a sweeping "love theme" for the basic story line (and main character) and something contrasting for the "anti-hero." Trying to map out the orchestration now (even before seeing the completed film ... shooting begins in a week) ... but want to have ideas based on character development.

We're hoping to record in the university's "black box theater." [...]
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Walking Through Fires

Posted on September 15, 2010 with 0 comments
Finally recording Walking Through Fires. Scored for Piano Quartet, I've tried to incorporate themes from the orchestral cues recorded in 2008. Special thanks to Peter Dutilly for his hard work and dedication to preparing the score, and to the musicians (violinist Marguerite Richardson, violist Peter Dutilly, and cellist Shannon Lockwood) for their time and talent. Special thanks, too, to Thomas Harrison for engineering the music recording. Looking forward to seeing the picture with music. Mark has not only devoted a large portion of his life's energy into making this picture a reality - but not only that, it's the story of his life.

JU's annual composer's concert (Feb. 13, 2011) will feature a performance of much of this score.

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