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Scott Watkins - composer: News

Lux Radio Theatre presents CASABLANCA! - March 12, 2018

Jacksonville University presents a re-enactment of the 1944 Lux Radio Theatre's "CASABLANCA."

The magic and Hollywood glamour of vintage radio drama comes to life on the Terry Concert Hall stage with actors, a 30-piece radio orchestra, and live sound effects. Original music composed and conducted by Scott Watkins (inspired by the music of Louis Silvers and Robert Armstrong). Enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne, try your luck at Rick's roulette table, and see if you can score a Letter of Transit! Old Time Radio ... like you've never SEEN it!

February 2 & 3, 2019, 7:34pm, Terry Concert Hall

"Miracle on 34th Street" - August 13, 2017

The fourth of our radio plays, "Miracle on 34th Street" will be directed by Kevin Roberts. Music composed and conducted by Scott Watkins. November 17 (7:30pm) and 18 (3pm). Following on the successes of our previous radio drama reenactments (War of the Worlds, Dracula, The 39 Steps) "Miracle on 34th Street" is sure to be a hit! Don't miss this chance to enjoy a holiday classic! This is the story that proves there's a Santa Claus.

"MALFI U" - April 17, 2013

Starting work on JU's lates (fourth!) feature film, "MALFI U." Initial scoring ideas include strings, piano, percussion, 1 each of flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, french horn, solo tenor saxophone. Recording in late September. Spotting almost complete.

"FINAL POSE" animated short by Roy Matos - April 17, 2013

Just finished this charming animated short by Roy Matos. Scored simply for string quartet, "Final Pose" is a light, jazzy 3-minute work which reflects the personality of the film's star, "Manny." Due for release April 23.

Dracula - April 3, 2012

New Project!

I'm collaborating with director Deborah Jordan at Jacksonville University to create new music for our upcoming performance of Orson Welles' adaptation of Bram Stoker's "DRACULA" - October 28 and 30, 2012, Terry Concert Hall, JU.

The orchestration is tricky ... I'm currently leaning toward this:
Alto Flute, Bass Clarinet, French Horn, Percussion, Celeste, Harpsichord, Men's Chorus, Three Violas, Three Cellos, Bass.

We're tentatively planning for a framework play - in which the actors portray the radio actors from 1938.

SO looking forward to this!!!

Jacksonville University Orchestra concert, March 6 - January 20, 2012

Selections from the JU Films motion picture "In One Brow of Woe," conducted by Scott Watkins!

In One Brow of Woe - October 20, 2011


JU Orchestra was impessive during rehearsals and recording session, playing with customary artistry and skill.

The music was masterfully edited and mixed by Thomas Harrison.

I worked with the film's director, Carolina Conte, to place each music cue specifically in key spots in the film - it all works great!

Sorry to have to miss the premiere screenings Nov. 4 and 5, JU, Swisher Theater - know it will be excellent!

JU's newest film "In One Brow of Woe" - November 14, 2010

Shooting has wrapped. Post production to be done January - April.

JU Orchestra will record the score in late September in The Blackbox (Phillips, Room 219).

Flute, Oboe (solo), Clarinet, 2 Horns, Timpani, Piano, Celeste, Harp, Strings

September 19, 25 (7-9pm)

September 26 (7-10pm)

"In One Brow of Woe" is JU's first film with an original screenplay, written by JU alum Anthony Bennet.

New JU film is casting and shooting will begin soon - September 14, 2010

JU Films is in pre-production for their upcoming project, "In One Brow of Woe." Watkins has joined the production team which includes Carolina Conte and Deborah Jordan.

Recording Session Sept. 16 - September 7, 2010

WALKING THROUGH FIRES, Lazarus' much-anticipated new release, directed and produced by Mark O'Brien, is nearing it's opening date! Visual and audio post-production is complete, and the musical score is now completed. Intimately scored for piano quartet (violin, viola, cello, piano) the music captures the emotional content of the film which tells the story of deception, courage, and perseverance - a story of rising, literally, from the ashes to live the next chapter of an amazing life.

Violinist Marguerite Richrdson, Violist Peter Dutilly, Cellist Shannon Lockwood, and Pianist Scott Watkins will record the newly composed score in mid September, and will perform portions of the music in February on Jacksonville University's Composer's Concert.

Look for "Walking Through Fires" very soon!

Conversations with Composers - February 21, 2010

Please plan to stay a few moments following the JU Orchestra concert (JU's Terry Concert Hall), March 2, 7:30pm, for "conversations with the composers." You'll have a chance to talk with me, Tony Steve, Bill Schirmer, Peter Dutilly, and Piotr Szewcyk about our work and the performance.

Premiere! - February 21, 2010

Watkins' "Two Poems by Walt Whitman, for Baritone and Orchestra," will have its premiere by the Jacksonville University Orchestra with Robert Tudor as soloist. The orchestra will be conducted by Marguerite Richardson.

Two Poems by Walt Whitman for Baritone and Orchestra (2008-09) is a work whose sole purpose is to musically recreate the poetry. The baritone voice breathes life into the text of the poetry and serves as a tour guide for the listener. Although not songs for voice and orchestra in the conventional sense (as for instance Strauss’ songs), the solo part is inextricably woven into the musical fabric. Vocal texture is used in three unique ways: first, and most importantly, as the solo baritone voice which carries the text; second, the soprano voice which is used as an instrumental color, without text, lending a haunting humanity to the music; and finally a highly synthesized choral sound reproduced by electric keyboard. In addition to percussion, piano, harp, and strings, there are also three solo wind voices (flute, clarinet, and horn) to balance the three vocal textures. A Clear Midnight is a musical attempt to capture the moment when one falls blissfully into a deep sleep, enveloped by night and the stars, “after the day is done.” The Dalliance of the Eagles tells of the lucky passer-by who happens upon two eagles, and who regards them with a sense of quiet envy. Two solo violins represent the majestic birds’ “amorous contact, high in space.”

SUITE 228 COMPLETE - August 9, 2009

Suite 228 is now finished ... I'm completing the orchestration with my supervisor, Peter Dutilly. After a long time of being frustrated by the picture, the requirements of the score, and the overall feel for the film, I'm quite satisfied with the music. I think it tells the story of failure, lonliness, resignation, and death, and that it will enhance the picture.


Mark O'Brien's new feature, "Walking Through Fires," a Lazarus Production, is currently in post-production. The music for this film was composed and recorded last Fall, and is now being finished.

SUITE 228 score nearly complete - July 24, 2009

The music for Suite 228 is nearly finished! After a long period of considering how the music could participate in the film as an integral part of the story-telling, the music is almost writing itself!

Photos Added! - June 20, 2009

Three new photos have been added. Taken last May (2008) during the recording for the film Soul in the Machine.

SUITE 228 - May 21, 2009

I've been watching "Suite 228" a few times - I've got a few ideas which I hope will add to the intense drama of this new film. I've been having trouble with the opening sequence, so I'm skipping it for now. I'm focusing, at the moment, on the climactic point in the story when Hell's door opens and the three "absentees" are allowed to leave. What do they do? They decide to stay. A very high point in the story. I'm thankful to my good friend Tony Steve for providing me with some score sketching paper which is making the job of scoring this picture a lot easier. Since there's so much dialogue in this picture the music will have to be timed precisely to work under the dialogue. I'm looking forward to continuing work on this project. It's a challenging picture!

Watkins Joins Fellow JU Professors for Movie Music - April 5, 2009

April 3 and 4, 2009, Watkins was keyboardist (piano, celeste, synthesizer, organ) with the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra in a concert devoted to the music of great film scores. Included on the program was "Hedwig's Theme" from Harry Potter. Composed by John Williams, the celeste solo is one of the most challenging inthe repertoire. Other music on the concert included "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Star Wars," "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," "E.T.," "Crouching Tiger - Hidden Dragon," "Jurassic Park."

Watkins got to share the stage with fellow Jacksonville University music professors, percussionist Tony Steve and clarinetist Artie Clifton.

"It was thrilling to play this music," Watkins said. "And it was equally thrilling to work with conductor Steven Reineke. He really knows this music so well, and knows how it should sound. This was an absolute treat."

Reineke, an outstanding composer himself, is the conductor of the New York Pops, and associate conductor of the Cincinnati Pops. His dynamic composition, "A Celebration Fanfare," opened the concert.

Also featured on the program was Alexander Courage's immortal ORIGINAL theme to the 1966 NBC television program, "Star Trek."

A photo of Watkins with Reineke, Steve, Clifton is placed in the photo gallery.

NO EXIT now in post-production - December 11, 2008

Crystal Clear's and Jacksonville University's new motion picture project, "NO EXIT," has been shot and is being edited.

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