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Scott Watkins - composer: Reviews

"Watkins compositional methods illustrate his vast experience in writing music for mixed instrumental combinations. While well-versed in modern techniques, his cohesive approach in writing for the complete film is consistently unified. Wise producers would be keen to seek Watkins to give their movie the final touch that it deserves."
Thomas Harrison, music producer
“Watkins’ music was well done and very appropriate for the [psychological thriller] film genre.”
Artie Clifton, professional musician
“Emotion is a very tricky thing to imitate through music, but I feel that Watkins does this not only to great success, but also in a nuanced, almost romantic way.”
Peter Dutilly, composer
“The music Scott Watkins composed is more than wonderful. It truly gives the movie a feeling of a big Hollywood feature.”
Carolina Conte, director
"On September 16, 2010 I and my post production crew attended the recording session of the music score for “Walking Through Fires” composed by the incredibly talented Scott Watkins. WOW! Words can not describe the power and beauty that this score brings to the film."
Mark O'Brien, director, producer